Volquartsen Left-Hand Extended Safety

As a left-handed shooter, I’ve always found it a bit awkward to reach under the trigger guard to flip the safety off at the beginning of a stage of fire. So when I heard about the 40% off sale at shootersdiscount.com I had to try the Volquartsen Extended LH safety.

Swapping the safety is an easy job, particularly if you have the Gunsmither Safety Tool. The most important part is to put your hand over the top of the trigger group or put the entire group into a large plastic bag when removing the safety plunger, or the spring will go into orbit.

The Volquartsen safety has a much bigger button than the original, as shown in the left photo below. So much that the button has a flat cut on the top edge, so that it will clear the stock. As the right photo shows, it’s also substantially longer than the OEM safety at .985″ compared to .904″.

This presented a problem, as the width of the stock inlet at this point is only .915″ and the action would not install into the stock until I made some relief cuts in the stock using a file. Also, the oversize button would not clear the stock without cutting a bit off the lower edge, as shown below:

Relief cuts for VQ safety

This is just a plain birch sporter stock on my personal 10/22 on which I do most of my product tests, so I don’t feel bad about the imperfect job on the cuts. I will seal up the raw wood with some lacquer to protect it.

The safety works great. It is taking a little while to acclimate to it, and I still find myself flipping the safety on when starting to shoot.

Would I recommend it? I would certainly recommend a left-hand safety for my fellow southpaw shooters. But there isn’t any real advantage to the large button or the extra length, and I don’t like cutting into a nice stock. After searching Volquartsen’s website, it appears that the LH safety is only available in the extended size. There are a few other sources of LH safeties, including Tactical Innovations which has a standard-size safety. Power Custom also has a LH safety, but its oversize button are so large that they have to screw into the safety body after installing the stock.

Most of my other 10/22s are sometimes used as loaners for Appleseeds, so I will keep their safeties original to avoid confusing the students who use them. This was an interesting experiment that I feel no need to repeat.

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