An Advantage for Left-Handed Shooters

A few weeks ago a fellow Appleseed instructor told me about the difficulty his daughter, a left-handed shooter, was having operating her scoped 10/22. It’s particularly a problem during the rapid-fire stages of the Appleseed Qualification Test, which require a magazine change during the stage. Unlike other semi-autos, the 10/22 bolt does not lock back when the magazine is empty, so the shooter must manually charge the first round in the new magazine. This can upset your NPOA when shooting with a sling.

At my recommendation, he installed a TandemKross Advantage on her rifle.



She likes it a lot. I like it, too. The Advantage attaches on top of the receiver using the scope base screws. The left-sided handle is comfortable and easy to pull, riding smoothly on the highly polished guide rod. On the right side, a finger with a rubber bushing sticks down from the guide rod to push against the rifle’s bolt handle. Both guide rods are highly polished, tool steel enabling the Advantage to operate with perfectly smooth feel and no binding at all. The aluminum handle on the left side is comfortable and easy to grab for quick mag changes.

The Picatinny rail on top of the Advantage provides a good scope mount. It’s a little higher than a simple, receiver-mounted rail such as the UTG, but with the Vortex mount shown above (or a Primary Arms mount or even Nikon P-223 rings) will pose no problem for zeroing as close as 25 yards. As the photo below shows, you will want a riser on the comb to get a good cheek weld when shooting with a scope.


The only weak point I see in the Advantage is that the rubber sleeve on the right-side post is a slip fit – you may need to handle it with care so that it doesn’t drop off when carrying or moving the rifle around.

The Bottom Line: this is a very handy product for left-handed shooters of the 10/22. If you compete in position shooting events that involve rapid-fire stages, it will make the rifle more comfortable to operate in a way that eliminates your disadvantage to righty shooters, and that is a definite advantage which should improve your scores.


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