My Target Sights

Several people have asked for the details of the target sight setup on my match 10/22. Here are the details:

The rear sight is a Williams FP-AG-TK – meaning Foolproof, Airgun, with Target Knobs, mounted on a Weaver sight base. I chose this one because when I bought it, the sight Williams made for the 10/22 required one to drill and tap the side of the receiver to mount the sight, and remove material from the left side of the stock in order to fit the elevation section.  I think it’s still the same. The AG model sight clamps onto a Weaver scope base, which is much easier. The photos below show how it mounts, and how the height of the sight mount enables the elevation section to clear the stock:

Rear sight rear  Rear sight left

I use a Merit adjustable iris on the rear sight. At the time, my shooting glasses (needed for astigmatism, my vision is about 20/15) were set at my distance prescription. The smallest settings enhance the depth of field so that I could see the front sight in clear focus. The trade-off is that the smaller the aperture, the dimmer the image, so in low light conditions it was hard to see the target. My new glasses have a different prescription with the sighting eye pulled nearer so that I can focus sharply on the front sight and still see the target quite clearly.  Now I can take advantage of a wider range of aperture sizes. The photos below show the iris at its smallest and largest settings:

Rear iris smallest  Rear sight largest

This photo shows how the iris fits onto the rear sight:

Rear sight iris

The front sight is a Lyman 17A globe, with the highest profile of .852″. Because of the height of the rear sight, I had to install a 1/4″ riser in order to zero at 25 yards. The riser is from Williams; it has a set screw vertically in the center of the base. Tightening the set screw presses the riser against the dovetail groove in the sight boss for a solid fit. Here is the setup:

Front Sight

For the front sight insert, I typically use a flat-top post. This gives me the most consistent and precise sight picture for a 6:00 hold. I bought a Lee Shaver insert kit which has a good variety of front sight profiles.

The sight setup is actually pretty simple and total cost was under $200.


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