An Easy Way to Learn the Bolt Release

Many, in fact most, 10/22 owners do not modify their bolt locks for “auto release” function. I have worked with many shooters, not only beginners but also long-time owners, who struggle with locking and closing the bolts on their 10/22s.This was the subject of one of our first posts, and this post shows the inner workings of the bolt lock/release: How the 10/22 Bolt Lock/Release Works
Here is an easy way to learn how to operate the bolt release, and for instructors to teach it:

Think of operating the bolt lock as four separate steps:

Back: pull the bolt back and hold it there.

Up: press the bolt lock lever up.

Release: release the bolt to go forward in a controlled manner.

Down: release the bolt lock lever.

Now make easy-to-remember acronyms from these four steps.

To lock the bolt open, B-U-R-D (pronounced “bird”):

Back (hold it there)
Up (and hold the lever up)
Release (you will feel the bolt catch on the bolt lock)

To close the bolt, B-U-D-R (pronounced “butter”):


When you break the task down into these four separate steps, it become easy to learn, and foolproof.

I hope this is helpful.

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