Decibullz Ear Plugs

For years I wore Howard Leight electronic earmuffs for shooting. I like the hearing enhancement for normal sounds, and they muffle gun shots fairly well (but not a Barrett .50 BMG from the side), but after a few hours they start to hurt, especially where they press the temples of my shooting glasses into my skull bones.

For the last couple of months I’ve been using a great alternative – Decibullz custom-molded plastic ear plugs (

Decibullz 1


The molded piece is made of a thermoset plastic that softens in hot water. Following the directions, I made a pair of plugs in about 20 minutes that fit perfectly. One thing I really liked is that if you don’t like the fit, you can soften them in hot water and remold, just as when they were new. They are rated up to 31 dB noise reduction, but of course that depends on how well you fit them in the molding process. Mine work at least as well as the muffs and are a whole lot more comfortable. They even fit comfortably inside my motorcycle helmet.

I gladly recommend these plugs. (Note, I bought them on Amazon and have had no communication with the maker.) They come in a variety of colors.

A couple of years ago I tried some Radians DIY molded plugs, which are made of some kind of resin that cures on your ear. They never hardened and it took about three hours to clean the sticky gook out of my ears.

One thing to be careful about: since they soften at relatively low temperature, I would not leave them in a hot car for any length of time. Last week I left my first pair of Decibullz in a pants pocket and they went through the laundry. In the dryer they melted onto some other clothes and were ruined.  The ones in the photo are my second pair, which I made today. They fit perfectly and safely inside the case for my shooting glasses.

Decibullz 2


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