Volquartsen Target Trigger

I’ve never liked the  OEM plastic trigger blade on my 10/22. It feels like it’s bending when I press it; the curved, ribbed face makes it way too easy to pull to the side rather than straight back; and the over-travel is terrible leading to a long, weak reset.

Last Friday at the Nation’s Gun Show in Chantilly, Virginia I met Alan Hinchcliffe, the owner of Rimfire Sports & Custom, and bought a Volquartsen trigger. Rimfire Sports (rimfiresports.com) is a great on-line store for all sorts of upgrade parts for 10/22s and Ruger Mk II/III and 22/45 pistols. Their prices are nearly always the lowest I’ve found, especially when you include their free shipping. I’ve bought a number of items there online, most recently a trigger and sear kit for a Ruger 22/45 (which I’ll be reviewing in another post soon).

Here’s a video I made showing the trigger compared to the OEM, as well as the complete installation process:

The new trigger does everything I wanted from it:

  • the machined aluminum trigger is light and stiff. It feels like a direct connection to the sear. It’s like the difference between a 1970’s slushbox automatic transmission and a short-throw 5-speed manual.
  • The straight blade and flat, smooth face contribute to a direct, straight-back motion. The straight blade allows placing the finger lower on the trigger. The leverage effect makes the pull feel lighter.
  • The adjustable over-travel stop screw is just great. Now the trigger moves hardly more than 1/16″ from let-off to stop. Reset is smooth and feels more positive. The improved movement is shown in the video.

Bottom line: If you are upgrading your trigger group with drop-in parts, this is a good one to use. I also looked at the Tactical Innovations trigger, but the long, beveled edges of the trigger face have the same effect as the  curved OEM trigger, and it does not include the over-travel stop screw.

Note: This upgrade makes my home-made trigger stop article from last year obsolete. For about $25, this is a much better solution in every way.

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3 Responses to Volquartsen Target Trigger

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  2. captainweenis says:

    I Kidd you not, there’s a better trigger out there.


    • I reviewed the Kidd single-stage trigger group about 18 months ago, describing it as the Ultimate Trigger and yes, it’s better than the VQ group. But Kidd doesn’t sell the trigger blade as a separate item.


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