It’s Appleseed Season!

We are now in the full swing of Project Appleseed markmanship/history events all over the USA. Every weekend from now through November, there will be dozens of shoots in different states. I’ve been an Appleseed instructor for about four years now, doing 12-15  events per year in Virginia and neighboring states. I heard a comment yesterday from a CMP small-arms firing school instructor to the effect that Appleseed teaches shooting even better than they do.

Teaching Appleseeds is my second-favorite shooting pastime, perhaps even more fun than doing my own shooting. It is so gratifying to see a student, whether a beginner or a Marine, growing in confidence and skill and the look of pure joy when he or she gains total command over the rifle and shoots accurately. Learning rifle marksmanship gives us a personal connection to the experience of those farmers, craftsmen, merchants and ministers who risked everything for their – and our – freedom.

The 10/22 is the most popular rifle among Appleseeders. It allows you to concentrate on your skills without the distractions of noise and recoil. The 10-round magazine works best, but BX-25s can be used successfully. Any sighting system is welcome and can qualify for the Rifleman patch. (I do think that a scope makes it much easier than with iron sights but the older my eyes get the more I like scopes.) If you have physical limitations, worry not. Appleseed is adaptive and we’ll make the experience fit your abilities.

Bring as many friends and family as you can. The more people who learn the story of April 19, 1775, the better our chance of saving the country.

Project Appleseed is a nationwide 501c3 organization which seeks to restore the ethic of active citizenship among all Americans, in order to preserve the constitutional republic our Founders bequeathed to us. It is a non-partisan, educational program.  Every Appleseed instructor is an unpaid volunteer. Appleseed conducts weekend events which combine instruction in rifle marksmanship and firearm safety with inspiring stories of our country’s founding. The goal of the program is to give students the skills, motivation, and confidence to participate actively in public affairs at all levels – to act as citizens, not subjects, as the Founders intended. Full information on Project Appleseed can be found at

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