TD Marine – a Practical Package

A while back I wrote about the Takedown model, concluding that for certain purposes, such as the need for compact storage and transport, it is a great solution; but otherwise it isn’t as good a shooter as the standard model. (See the full article here: Thoughts on the Takedown Model).

Recently I saw an especially neat version, the 11193 Marine model. This is a basic stainless carbine with a polymer stock and a BX-25 magazine, packaged in a hard plastic case. The hard case protects the rifle quite well. The case has a rubber gasket in it, similar to that on an ammo can, to keep moisture out. Just inside the handle are cutouts for a lock.


It seems the perfect solution for harsh environments such as a boat locker, in the cab or tool box of a pickup, the trunk of a car, or on a rack on a quad or Gator.

I saw two limitations in Ruger’s execution of this product. First, there is no place to store an optic in the case, so you’re limited to iron sights. I’d probably install a Skinner or Williams WGRS low profile peep sight on the receiver to get a proper sight picture, and I’m pretty sure either one would fit. Second, there is a gap in the gasket near the handle portion of the case:


I think an appropriate blob of silicone caulk or similar product would easily close the gap to make the case truly water-tight. Not a huge problem, but I wish Ruger would do the product 100% right and not leave it to the owner to complete the job.

On balance, I really like this 10/22 variant as it is very well suited to a specific need that many owners will have.

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3 Responses to TD Marine – a Practical Package

  1. SonOfMartin says:

    Is there room in the case for the rifle with TechSights installed? Can you provide a photo from the top showing how much space is available? I think adding these sights would greatly enhance the usability of this variant as long as there is room in the case.


    • It doesn’t look like there is enough room between the receiver and the barrel for Tech-Sights or Nodak. Even the ones I cited would be a tight fit. If the rifle isn’t sold this weekend, I’ll post a new pic on Monday.


  2. I don’t trust rifles that have the front sight and the rear sight on separate pieces that will introduce movement. The take down Rugers never interested me for this reason. I saw Ruger offered their “Charger” 10/22 pistol in a take down config, I would still be more confident in my 10 inch target Mark II which is a smaller package with a solidly mounted sight system.


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