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Radiusing the Bolt

Sanding or grinding a radius onto the bottom rear of the bolt is a popular performance enhancement for the 10/22. Properly done, the radius creates a ramp effect which reduces the force required for the bolt to cock the hammer. … Continue reading

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Safety: A Matter of Character

(Trigger warning: this post isn’t specifically about 10/22s.) A couple of things happened recently whose combined effect led to this post. First, I just celebrated my 50th year of involvement in the shooting sports – with zero safety incidents. Second, … Continue reading

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Fine Points of the Prone Position

In Project Appleseed shoots, half of your AQT shots, and 150 of your possible 250 points, are shot in the prone position. In CMP Rimfire Sporter, 20 of your 60 shots are in prone. It’s the first position we teach … Continue reading

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