One Year In…

Today is the first anniversary of the blog. That flew by. In our first year we made 44 posts, which have been read over 30,000 times by over 12,000 visitors from 75 countries. While we are an infinitesimally small blog in the grand scheme, it’s not a bad start. Many thanks to all of you who have participated in it.

Next year I plan to have more hands-on articles. I plan to build a new, custom 10/22 for either silhouette or CMP Rimfire Sporter – haven’t decided which yet, and I may do both. The plan is to have the OEM parts improved by the leading 10/22 specialist smiths rather than buying drop-in parts. I also plan to do my first full Devcon bedding job on an existing rifle, and hope to test more parts and accessories for the 10/22.

For experiences, I’m considering hosting a series of sanctioned CMP Rimfire Sporter matches at my local club. With the ammo shortage easing,  also hope to do a lot more shooting than in the past two years, when conserving the stash was a priority.

Ideas from you readers for articles are always welcome.

Thanks again for a great first year.


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5 Responses to One Year In…

  1. John S Landbeck Jr says:

    Thank you, and a very Blessed Christmas and Prosperous New Year!
    John in


  2. Steve O'Niell says:

    Congratulations on an excellent first year! I’ve enjoyed and learned from your posts. I’s really like to see a full post on sling use,


  3. There are a few sling types I’d like to review including the GI web sling and the 1907 sling. Ideally we’ll get some warmer days so I can make videos demonstrating their use.


  4. Steve says:

    Congratulations on your first year!! Hope to read your article on building a 10/22 for metallic silhouette rifle as I am sitting on 3 parts rifles now looking for inspiration

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2016



  5. Brian in cva. says:

    Congrats and God bless.
    Thanks for sharing your experience and insight on this versitile platform.


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