Que’s Bolt and Barrel Out of Service

From Que’s website:

I have decided to cease doing any work for now. With a full time job and this I find that this is all I do. I will continue to warranty any and all work that I have done. All is well here I assure you. Just found that sometimes certain things are best. When/should the status change I’ll be sure to post here and RFC. I do appreciate all the work and the friends I have made in doing this. Feel free to give a shout at any time. I will still be monitoring my emails. May GOD bless you all.
We all play a variety of roles in life, and we all have only 24 hours in a day, so we have to set priorities among our many responsibilities.
I have two 10/22s with bolts and barrels reworked by Que. The quality of his work is excellent and both rifles shoot more accurately with his upgrades than they did before.
Thank you, Que for all you have done for the 10/22 community.
As of now, the only smiths I know who do the specialized re-chambering of 10/22 barrels are Connecticut Precision Chambering and Clark Custom Guns. As far as I know, only Connecticut Precision does the bolt makeover service.
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1 Response to Que’s Bolt and Barrel Out of Service

  1. John S Landbeck Jr says:

    No experience with Clark, although I’ve seen good comments on Rimfirecentral about his work; have dealt with Randy at CPC on two builds; excellent to work with, and excellent work and service.
    John in Maryland


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