“Bedding by Bubba”

Stupidity is infinite. This example was too funny not to post here.

Just had an exchange of forum posts with a new 10/22 owner who bought a used rifle. His original question was:

Having trouble getting my 1022 apart. Receiver will not come out of the stock. Anyone have this problem before?

I asked the usual questions: Is the safety centered? Is the action screw fully loosened? Did you remove the barrel band first? Are you lifting the muzzle up first? Has a rear hold-down been installed? And all the answers were correct. When he said there was no movement at all, I wondered what the problem could be. So I suggested the application of more force.

His last post showed success, and revealed the problem:

Ok, I pulled on the barrel with all my strength and it popped out a bit and then I tapped the barrel on the floor a couple of times while I was holding the stock and it came out! It had some kind of rubbery yellow tape on it. Like some kind of cushioned tape or something. Some stayed on the barrel and some on the stock. Anyway, it came out. It was really stuck.

Note that the new owner isn’t the butt of this joke – he had a hidden problem that nobody would expect. But gosh, the previous owner was an idiot. Apparently the whole inside of the barrel channel was “bedded” with double-sided foam tape!

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