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Swampfox Trigger Review

I’ve spent a few fun days testing a trigger group reworked by Swampfox, a specialist in modified 10/22 triggers based here in Virginia. Bottom line: I love this trigger. Read on to see why. The trigger group I tested is … Continue reading

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The Gravity-Actuated Bolt Release

Twice in the last week I’ve had conversations with 10/22 owners who said their bolt release lever doesn’t go down unless they hold the rifle in just the right way, and even give it a shake. We’ve written before about … Continue reading

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…the other half is physical

Yogi Berra famously said, “Baseball is 90% mental; the other half is physical.” This month’s Shooting Sports USA has the best article I’ve read yet in an NRA publication: “Shooting Is 90% Mental”. It’s an overview of the best ideas … Continue reading

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“Bedding by Bubba”

Stupidity is infinite. This example was too funny not to post here. Just had an exchange of forum posts with a new 10/22 owner who bought a used rifle. His original question was: Having trouble getting my 1022 apart. Receiver … Continue reading

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As the Safety Turns…

Last week a new 10/22 owner  asked about his failure to fire problem with the following symptoms: “Removed trigger guard today for cleaning. Reinstalled. Hammer won’t fall and safety has lost its detent feeling. Removed trigger [group] and out of … Continue reading

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