A Look at the TI Stainless Steel Receiver

Rimfire Central member BravoSierra001 has posted an excellent review (with some of the crispest detail photos I’ve ever seen) of his new Tactical Innovations Elite22S stainless steel receiver here. I haven’t seen one in the flesh yet, but I’m very impressed by the fit and finish of this part. He has matched it up with a Kidd trigger group and Kidd bolt.

I’m posting about it to show the level of machining quality and precision fit that is possible when a manufacturer wants to make the effort to produce a high quality part. Of course, such quality comes at a cost – the TI steel receiver alone lists for $284.99. If Ruger were to try this route, a 10/22 would cost $700-800 rather than the $200 street price, and it would not be the world’s most popular .22 rifle. Ruger’s outstanding engineering and expertise at investment casting makes it possible for them to make a good rifle at a mass-market price.

Of course, a big part of the price premium of this particular receiver is the material. A TI billet aluminum receiver is $154.99. The comparable Kidd receiver is $172.

One of the variations on my to-build list is a Hunter class silhouette rifle with a 28″ Green Mountain barrel, traditionally-styled wood stock, and a powerful scope. I’d also like to try using it for ABRA benchrest competition. It will be built around a finely machined receiver of this type.

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