Gifts for the 10/22 Shooting Mother

Ok guys, it’s now just one month to Mother’s Day (Sunday May 10). I suspect most families get by with flowers and brunch, but suppose your mother, or the mother of your children, is an enthusiastic 10/22 shooter? A gift that she can use and think of you every time she goes to the range might be a great idea. Or suppose she’s a curious beginner? A good introduction to the shooting sports could be the doorway to a new world of enjoyment for her.

Here are a few ideas for the sportswoman in your life that the wife and I came up with. What other good ideas have you seen? Please post any in the comments.

An Experience

Appleseed Gift certificate. The most cost-effective and user-friendly marksmanship training on the planet. If she’s a beginner, a Ladyseed, if one is near you, could be the perfect environment to learn and build confidence. Maybe make it a mother-daughter outing (tickets for youth under 18 are only $20).

NRA Women on Target gift certificate: While I’m partial to Appleseed, the one-day WOT is a great introduction to a range of outdoor sports, typically including rifle, handgun, shotgun and archery.

Her Rifle

A rifle of her own: Is she shooting one of your 10/22s? You could get her a new one. Or you could set up one of the family 10/22s just the way she likes it, and designate it as “Mom’s Rifle”. You could upgrade the trigger, barrel, and stock to make it fit her just right.

Upgrade her 10/22: So she already has her own 10/22 – good. You could upgrade it so it’s just right for her. A stock with a comb that’s high enough for her scope, a light barrel, or an improved trigger would be nice. If Mom’s eyes are starting to struggle with iron sights, a good scope will make her shooting easier and more fun.


Protection:. Many beginners start with cheap glasses and ear protection because you didn’t want to invest much if the sport didn’t “take”. You could upgrade her to nice electronic, low profile ear muffs (Howard Leight, Peltor and Caldwell seem to be the standards). Leight has a nice teal color muff at Amazon or here:

The optically excellent Sawfly Shooter’s Kit from Revision Military includes four lenses (clear, gray, yellow and orange) for varied conditions. RM glasses are light and comfortable and provide outstanding protection.

Rifle Case: Boyt Harness makes high quality firearm cases. The leather patch on their canvas cases can be monogrammed with up to three initials for only $10 extra: At a lower price point, here are some brightly colored and leopard-print cases and range bags:


Shooting Shirts: A real shooting shirt, with a recoil pad on the shoulder, adds to comfort on a long range session. It also looks really snappy. We found several that we liked, in various styles and price points:

King Ranch traditional button-up shirt, ambidextrous (pads on both shoulders):

Bob Allen High Prairie hunting shirt (RH only, variety of colors):

Haley Vines padded shirt (the “Shockeater” recoil pad is $33 extra, I hope it lasts forever):

Gun Goddess polo shirt with pad and logo:

Gamp Sports Shockeater shirt (a lot for a t-shirt but the price includes that expensive pad, left or right-hand): or a nicer one in a wicking material:

Prois Competitor shirt:

Caps: Appleseed has a nice, pink cap with the logo “Shoot Like a Girl – If You Can”:

How about a copy of The 10/22 Companion? Well, while it’s a terrific resource for any 10/22 owner, it doesn’t strike me as appropriate for a Mother’s Day gift.

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