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50 Shades of NPOA

Anyone who has participated in an Appleseed (especially if you suffered under my instruction) has been taught the importance of Natural Point of Aim. Achieving NPOA is the ultimate refinement of all the steady hold factors of your position and … Continue reading

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Gifts for the 10/22 Shooting Mother

Ok guys, it’s now just one month to Mother’s Day (Sunday May 10). I suspect most families get by with flowers and brunch, but suppose your mother, or the mother of your children, is an enthusiastic 10/22 shooter? A gift … Continue reading

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How the 10/22 Bolt Lock/Release Works

Questions continually show up on the discussion forums from new 10/22 owners who have trouble locking the bolt back and closing it using the OEM bolt lock. Most of the replies recommend that the owner replace the bolt lock plate … Continue reading

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