All Ready on the Firing Line…

We have just opened the official website for The 10/22 Companion: How to Operate, Troubleshoot, Maintain and Improve Your Ruger 10/22 at It took about a dozen drafts over several months to get it done. Some of the re-writing happened because I encountered new malfunction situations that deserved to be covered, or because a student had an issue with the fit of his rifle or operating it smoothly in a competition. It became clear that we needed a blog to deal with new situations and questions as they come up, now that the book is completed. We will cover operating tips, function tweaks, new product reviews, and other topics of interest as they come up, so updates will not be daily.

Look here for stories of adventures with our 10/22s, as well as ideas for improving your enjoyment of your 10/22s.

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1 Response to All Ready on the Firing Line…

  1. R. Johnson says:

    I wish I had a 10/22…. one day I will get one…


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