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Malfunction Mystery Theater

Recently a friend emailed me about an awful weekend he had at the range, due to nearly constant malfunctions. Here, in his words: …had several light primer strikes, failure to fire, stovepipes.  Started after the first Red Coat target on … Continue reading

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Making Smooth Appleseed and CMP Transitions

At a recent Appleseed, one student had trouble firing all ten rounds within the time limit on Stages 2 (seated rapid-fire) and 3 (prone rapid-fire). He was using a scoped 10/22 with an unmodified bolt release, and he is left-handed. … Continue reading

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All Ready on the Firing Line…

We have just opened the official website for The 10/22 Companion: How to Operate, Troubleshoot, Maintain and Improve Your Ruger 10/22 at It took about a dozen drafts over several months to get it done. Some of the re-writing … Continue reading

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